How to join our Liquidity Pool Program

Stake your LP and earn even more WINR tokens

What is the JustBet Liquidity Pool Program?

We have launched the V1 LP program so that anyone who has staked WINR tokens on Uniswap can then stake their Uniswap WINR LP tokens on the JustBet Liquidity pool program. This is our first program with other pools planned to follow.

We have laid out all the instructions below so that you will know exactly what to do.

We have 20M WINR tokens in the pool which will yield over 100,000 blocks (about a 2 week period). Each block will yield 200 WINR/block which will be shared proportionally by how many UNI WINR LP tokens you stake. …

Vesting schedule delayed and halved with 500M tokens locked

Vesting schedule extended

The team, advisors and investors have unanimously agreed to extend the vesting schedule and to slow down the rate of vesting. For total transparency, we are sharing both the original schedule and the revised ones below along with the link to the 500M locked tokens.

The extension is being done to show the public and community our commitment to the project. It was recognised that the platform transition from the Tron network to the Ethereum Layer 2 Polygon network has led to many delays in users having access to the platform. …

Announcing the WINR Token Generation Event & MORE

Bitmart Migration, Uniswap Listing, LP Program, Token Swap, Throne Card NFTs

Summary of Key announcements

1. WINR ERC-20 Contract Address and token generation event

2. Uniswap listing announcement

3. Announcing new WINR LP staking pool

4. Bitmart withdrawals update

5. Token Swap your TRC-20 to ERC-20

6. Announcing our Throne Card NFT program to win even more

Have a read through to see what’s happening and to check out our new roadmap!

1. Token Generation Event of WINR on Etherscan

We are excited to announce that WINR tokens have now been generated in ERC-20. We have created a single WINR contract which resides on both the Polygon and the Ethereum Networks.

Bitmart announces WINR token Migration

Bitmart Token Migration is ready to start

Token Migration Announcement

We are excited to announce that WINR tokens will be migrated on Bitmart this Friday, April 2nd, 2021 at 7am UTC.

All TRC-20 WINR tokens must be received in Bitmart by 6am UTC on the 31st March to be eligible for automated token migration to the ERC-20 WINR tokens. After this time, Bitmart will no longer accept TRC-20 WINR tokens so please make note of this transition.

Please note that we will announce the Token Generation Event and the WINR token address in Part 2 of this series. No WINR tokens have yet been created on the Ethereum network.


Actions required for all users

Next week we will be making some further announcements about the migration of the JustBet platform to Polygon (Matic). This announcement will be made on Tuesday, 30th March 2021.

We have a couple of steps we are requesting of all users:

Step 1: Unstaking WINR tokens immediately

In advance of these announcements, we request that all users please make sure they have unstaked their WINR tokens on the platform. These tokens are TRC-20 and will not work once the platform goes live again.

One step closer to our transition to Polygon (formerly Matic)

We’ve made a ton of progress over the past week or so and its amazing to see how exciting the platform will be when we finally re-launch.

Current Progress

First off, we were able to run our first tests on the dice game and it was a success. There’s still work to be done so first lets review what our developers have achieved recently. Its a lot to share:

Server Side updates

  • Add server endpoints for configuring min and max bet amount
  • Calibrated all bets to tie back to a USD max bet value for whatever currency is being used
  • Fix Referral…

Moving to ERC-20 Running On Polygon (formerly Matic)

We are back with another exciting update on the progress we have made to migrate the JustBet platform to Ethereum/Polygon. As we previously highlighted, we were working through various technical issues with conversion from TRC to ERC solidity function calls and resolving Web3 front end issues.

We have made significant progress and are pleased to share some updates on what we have recently accomplished.

Current Progress

Contract conversions have shifted more to various aspects of optimisation of code so that it runs more smoothly on the Ethereum smart contracts. We have also gotten the website with Web3 connections running and are awaiting…

As we are progressively migrating the JustBet platform to Ethereum/Matic, we wanted to provide you with a development update on what has been accomplished to date. As we previously highlighted, there are some key tasks to complete including smart contract migration, Web3 frontend re-configuration, updates and changes to the platform itself to run on Ethereum, as well as creating a bridge to enable users to migrate their WINR tokens from the Tron network to the Ethereum network.

Current Progress

With contract conversations nearly complete, we have highlighted below the progress achieved to date. …

In mid-December, we announced our plans to migrate the JustBet application from Tron to Ethereum and use Matic layer-2 plasma network for a better development environment and a far smoother user experience. We would like to provide you further updates on the migration process, and what additional changes we will be implementing as we move onto the Matic network.

First and foremost, as we previously discussed, by running on layer-2 on Matic, we will have a far more scalable network to support. We will also have a far more stable and advanced development environment which will accelerate both game development…

We are excited to announce that we will be migrating our platform to the Ethereum network running on Matic layer-2. After much consideration on the direction for our platform and extensive discussions and feedback from our community, we decided to form a collaboration and partnership with Matic that will enable us to accelerate and develop a far more significant product and service.

Some of the key highlights

  • JustBet and Matic have agreed on a strategic partnership to migrate JustBet over to an Ethereum ERC-20 based environment running on Matic layer-2
  • Matic will be supporting JustBet with migration and technical support


The first-ever fully decentralized and autonomous gaming platform which has no human interaction “where everyone is a WINR”.

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