Revised Minting Formula with logarithmic calculations and Chainlink Price Feed oracle to create a provably fair minting process

Minting Overview

Overview of the variables used to calculate the amount of WINR minted

JustBet to use Chainlink VRF for tamper-proof randomness and Chainlink Price Feeds for decentralised, autonomous, high-speed gaming platform

JustBet使用Chainlink VRF进行防篡改随机性和Chainlink数据喂价用于去中心化自主的高速游戏平台



What’s the Deal?

JustBet April Newsletter

ERC20 migration is done

Why have we migrated to Polygon?

Vesting schedule delayed and halved with 500M tokens locked

Vesting schedule extended

How to join our Liquidity Pool Program

Stake your LP and earn even more WINR tokens

What is the JustBet Liquidity Pool Program?

Here’s how the LP program works

Announcing the WINR Token Generation Event & MORE

Bitmart Migration, Uniswap Listing, LP Program, Token Swap, Throne Card NFTs

Summary of Key announcements

We have multiple announcements so please read each section

1. Token Generation Event of WINR on Etherscan

Bitmart announces WINR token Migration

Bitmart Token Migration is ready to start

Token Migration Announcement

Actions required for all users

One step closer to our transition to Polygon (formerly Matic)

Current Progress


The first-ever fully decentralized and autonomous gaming platform which has no human interaction “where everyone is a WINR”.

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