A New Era for JustBet and Gambling DApps: Transaction-Free Gameplay

Our Latest Updates and Plans

  • Reducing transaction fees: by changing to Matic we are re-factoring the entire way fees are calculated to provide greater benefits to our user base. The previous environment required transaction fees between every smart contract and function that was called which were passed on to the users. This wasn’t the ideal or desired outcome and we recognized this needed to change. We are therefore re-factoring the entire build so that all gameplay and WINR minting will now be paid directly out of the house reserves and not charged per user/transaction.
  • Withdrawal and deposit fees: Any costs associated with depositing or withdrawing any coins to the platform will remain as a cost to the user. This aspect of the system is not changing and remains in line with how blockchain projects function
  • Masking of tokens as a function of playing: As a part of the process to participate in our platform on Matic, there will be a simple masking process where tokens such as Ethereum that are used for gameplay will first need to be masked to be used on the Matic network. This is a very simple process that will be fully transparent to users when they redeploy of JustBet is complete. “Depositing” will mask the tokens to run on Matic, and “withdrawal” of any profits or funds will follow an un-masking process before sending them back to your Ethereum wallet.
  • A New Funds Balance Page: We will be adding a new wallet and balance page that will display all of your balances. This will include showing previous transactions. The page will have functions to allow users to deposit and withdraw their tokens from the main Ethereum network to the Matic chain (through the masking function described above). Users will be able to login to the platform with MetaMask. (in the future we will be looking at other wallets to include for integration).
  • UX/UI improvements: We are improving the UX in general, to provide a better understanding of how the platform works, especially with new features.
  • Gameplay with ERC-20 and Wrapped tokens: The platform was originally designed to enable multi-tokens to be used. By shifting over to the ERC-20 network, we will be able to offer a far greater number of tokens for gameplay from Ethereum to wrapped BTC (wBTC), USDT (and other stable coins), and of course Matic tokens as well.

Unstaking and migrating your WINR tokens. What do you need to do?

  • You will be provided a page to provide your Ethereum wallet address
  • You will send your WINR tokens to a Tron address which will serve as a bridge for the transaction
  • You will then be automatically sent ERC-20 WINR tokens on a 1 to 1 basis which will be sent to your Ethereum wallet address that you provided in step 1.



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The first-ever fully decentralized and autonomous gaming platform which has no human interaction “where everyone is a WINR”.